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Home-Based Therapy for Convergence Insufficiency-NOT EFFECTIVE!

Insurance companies, Like Anthem, are refusing to pay for vision therapy for the diagnosis of convergence insufficiency. Anthem wants 12 weeks of home-based vision therapy documented (pencil push-ups) before they will consider in-office treatment. This is ridiculous! See letter below to insurance companies:

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Research on Vision Therapy

Thanks to Steve Leslie BOptom, Leonard Press OD & Mark Overton for their summaries of vision therapy research published in the Australian College of Behavioral optometrists:

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Convergence insufficieny

Curing Learning-related Vision Problems

Optometrist, Dr. Vicky Vandervort explains what it is like for a person to have eyes that work but do so inefficiently causing the person to exert extreme effort to see.

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Twenty Million Americans Have This Vision Problem

Convergence deficiency creates problems in tasks like reading and writing. But it’s often overlooked and undetected by routine vision screening exams.

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Convergence Insufficiency: A Major Review: 2012

Excellent review on convergence insufficiency by Drs. Jeffrey Cooper & Nadine Jamal.  Click here to read. By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, A Colorado Optometrist in Vision Therapy, Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center PC.

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Vision Therapy Improves Reading By 5 Grades

Thanks to Ryan and his mother for sharing their story about the success of vision therapy.  Ryan is quite the reader now!  Confidence level and behavior  improves  Congratulations Ryan! View post By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Vision Therapy at Hellerstein @ Brenner Vision Center

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Early intervention critically important in children’s vision problems

Thanks to the VisionHelp Blog investigational series written by Dr. Leonard Press and Dr. Dan Fortenbacher dedicated to uncovering the important public health and patient care issues surrounding convergence insufficiency.  Here is their next piece written about the importance of early intervention in children’s vision care. “When is it OK to “wait and see” if the problem goes away on […]

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Ophthalmology & Optometric Vision Therapy

Dr. Len Press shares his article that he wrote in 2002 regarding the perceived disparity between ophthalmology’s view and optometry’s view of vision therapy.  Now with more efficacy, like the convergence insufficiency study, optometric vision therapy continues to grow and expand! Click here to read the entire article from Dr. Len Press.

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ADHD & Vision Problems Linked

Thanks to Dr. Dom Maino for reviewing the research: Please see: Granet DB, Gomi CF, Ventura R, Miller-Scholte AThe relationship between convergence insufficiency and ADHD.Strabismus. 2005 Dec;13(4):163-8. Thye abstract noted that”….Children being evaluated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often have an eye exam as part of their evaluation. The symptoms of convergence insufficiency (CI) […]

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Convergence Insufficiency: The Private Eye Goes Public #4

Another great post from Dr. Len Press on Convergence Insufficiency: The Private Eye Goes Public #4. A short preview of Dr. Press’ blog entry: “Let’s briefly review the answers to the first three questions that Dr. Fortenbacher posed in part 1 of this investigative series, before addressing the final two points on why some doctors are […]

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