See It. Say It. Do It! Another Great Review!

Thanks to Mardy Ross, OTR, Senior Contributor to the excellent website, Lumigrate… a site dedicated to “lighting the path to health and well-being.”  Mardy’s site is very integrative in nature, especially focusing on chronic types of illnesses like fibromyalgia.  Lumigrate strives to be a trusted, honest and progressive source of information for health-seekers.  It brings together health-care providers with people who are interested in obtaining the best level of health and lower health care costs by being proactive as the manager of their health.

Mardy writes in her review, “It is an honor to say that I know Lynn Hellerstein, OD, author of See It. Say It. Do It! This is a wonderful book which I believe should be part of every school and public library, made available to every teacher in the country, and wish every parent would obtain and read as well.  But I don’t think it should just be for children — this is actually an amazing book for adults who are wanting to have better performance mentally and physically.

Click here to read her full review.  Thank you Mardy!

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