Another Joint Statement Regarding LD, Dyslexia, & Vision – A Rebuttal

Joseph Manley, MD a physician and medical-legal expert witness states that , “The conclusions (particularly the failure to recommend optometric vision therapy for children likely to benefit from it) of the American Academy of Pediatrics report on Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and Vision are based on exclusion of the most relevant data and inconsistent application of the Academy’s stated criteria for selecting evidence. They fail to acknowledge abundant published and anecdotal evidence supporting the use of vision therapy. This overlooked evidence includes controlled trials, observational studies, case reports and consensus of experts – the same kinds of data that underpin the daily practice of medical professionals.”
Click here to read Dr. Dan Lack’s article being published in Optometry 2010.  Dr. Lack  reviews the references that makes the medical organizations newest joint statements misleading.  These statements have ignored the results of evidence-based research and makes recommendations regarding the treatment of convergence insufficiency that have no scientific validity.  These statements have serious consequences, especially to the many young students who are being denied appropriate vision treatment because of inaccurate information.

Thanks to Dr. Dom Maino for listing a number of other referral sources:,%20Dyslexia%20and%20Vision.pdf

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