Parents: Don’t make this mistake!

One of the biggest mistakes parents can make is to assume that their child’s vision is fine because the vision screening was passed at the pediatrician’s office or the school nurse’s office.Beanie Leffler, now 60 years old, knows firsthand how big a mistake that is. She had passed all the vision screenings, and her parents never suspected she had a vision problem, even though she had tremendous difficulty with reading. Her first eye exam was when she was in the seventh grade, and that’s when she started wearing glasses. But even with the eye exam, a very serious eye coordination problem was missed.

When she was 52 she was diagnosed with severe Dyslexia and told there was nothing that could be done to help her. Yet, she did not give up in her battle to learn how to read. When she was 55 she was fortunate to see a tutor who recognized that she might have a vision problem blocking her from being able to read. She referred her to a developmental optometrist who found the eye coordination disorder that was at the root of Beanie’s struggles.

After a program of optometric vision therapy, Beanie is now not only able to read, but she has written a book with the goal of sharing her story and the important message to “never give up.” “If I help just one child, the book will be worth it,” shared Beanie. Beanie has already helped more than one child to discover that they too had underlying vision problems.
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By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, CO Optometrist in Vision Therapy @ Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center PC
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