COVD Tour de Optometry Visit at Ketchum U (SCCO Optometry School)

Thanks very much to the faculty and students at SCCO for collaborating with #COVD on a wonderful, exciting Tour de Optometry visit. As Past-President of COVD, I was honored to meet and speak with faculty, residents, and students on the “Power of Developmental Vision Care.” More than 130 students came to the dinner provided by COVD (24 pizzas, 180 sandwiches)!

Thanks to Mountain States Congress of Optometry for their financial support of the #COVD Tour program, hundreds and thousand of optometry students across the USA and Canada are excited about developmental vision care and vision therapy.

Here is what a few of the students commented about the presentation:

As a 1st year students, this was one of my first real exposures to vision therapy.  Hearing about the patients’ testimonials and life changing experiences truly touched my heart.  I’m leaving this event with my love for optometry fueled as well as an immediate attraction and passion towards vision therapy.  Thank you so much for your time!
Lindsay, OD Candidate May 2017


Thank you so much for visiting and engaging us with your presentation, Dr. Hellerstein!  It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person.  Your passion for Vision Therapy is very inspirational and I will definitely take your advice to heart. Don’t be a stranger!

Iris – OD Candidate May 2015

Seeing the young students light up and find excitement in vision therapy helps my dreams come true…helping millions of kids to improve their vision brain skills so that they can increase their school, sports and confidence.

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein with SCCO students

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein demonstrating yoked prisms


SCCO students eating COVD sponsored dinner







By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, #ColoradoOptometrist in #VisionTherapy.

Lynn Hellerstein
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