You Can’t Hit What You Can’t See: An Interview With Eye Specialist Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein

Just looking at Dr. Hellerstein’s credentials would assure you that you’re in good hands with eye care. She has been working with children and adults who have difficulties in learning or vision perception for over 40 years.  Her knowledge on the field of the brain and eye function is so extensive that she is invited by 5 colleges to be an adjunct professor.  She has done great things for people to improve their visual skills. For example, Reynold Kalstrom (picture below on the left) gives a big thanks to her help as he improved his vision to be a top iron man athlete competing well into his 80s.  Also, Dr. Hellerstein is a location for supporting the youth of Denver though a nonprofit, Von’s Vision (picture below on the right) that is founded by Bronco star defensive end Von Miller.

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