Visual Snow Syndrome: When You’re Seeing Static, How Do You Treat It? With Dr. Charles Shidlofsky (Episode #47)

Dr. Charles ShidlofskyDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, founder and Center Director of Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas, and founder and current president of the International Sports Vision Association. Dr. S talks about neurodevelopmental vision problems, particularly Visual Snow Syndrome or VSS, a disorder that causes you to see static, among other symptoms. He also discusses tests and treatments for VSS.

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  • What are neurodevelopmental vision and the eye-brain connection?
  • What is Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS)?
  • What did we learn from the research study on VSS?
  • What tests and treatments are available for VSS?

About Dr. Charles Shidlofsky:

Dr. Charles Shidlofsky or Dr. S was raised in Lawrence, NY and moved to the Dallas area when he was in high school.  He attended the University of Texas in Austin and Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN where he received his OD degree in 1988.  He is the founder and Center Director at Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas in Plano, Texas. Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas is a specialty practice focused on Neuro-Developmental Vision, Vision Rehabilitation and Therapy, Acquired Brain Injury, Myopia Management, Sports Vision and Dry Eye.

Dr. S is an Adjunct Professor of Optometry at University of Houston College of Optometry, UIWRSO College of Optometry, Western University College of Optometry and Southern College of Optomety.  In addition, he is a Residency Director at Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas through Southern College of Optometry.  He is on staff at Baylor Scott and White Institute of Rehabilitation in Dallas and Frisco, Texas as well as consulting Optometrist at Centre for Neuro Skills, Pate Rehabilitation and Encompass Health.  He is the team eye doctor for FC Dallas (MLS), Allen Americans (ECHL) and Frisco Roughriders (AA baseball).  In addition, he is the founder and current president of the International Sports Vision Association and the current VP of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association.

Dr. S is a frequent lecturer on the subjects of vision testing and rehabilitation after a TBI/ABI, sports vision, developmental vision, myopia management, specialty contact lenses, Visual Snow Syndrome and medical/allied medical co-management.

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“There’s diagnostic criteria for Visual Snow Syndrome. The first one is they had that visual static, if you will, for longer than 3 months. Think of the static of an old TV set. That’s the easiest thing to apply it. They see it 24/7, eyes open, eyes closed, it doesn’t make a difference. They see that static. Second is constant dots across the entire visual field. 75% percent of patients also report 3 of these 4 symptoms: continued image of a stationary thing or trailers, photophobia, nyctalopia or the inability to see at nighttime or dim and dark lighting, or entoptic phenomena which is like visual images inside the eye or floaters.” – Dr. Charles Shidlofsky

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