The World Empowered with Poverty Ended and Rights for Women and Girls Fulfilled with Heather Shapter (Episode #63)

Heather ShapterDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Heather Shapter, executive director of Crossroads International. Heather talks about how this volunteer cooperation agency works with local partners in Sub-Saharan Africa to advance rights, reduce poverty and increase access to justice for one million women and girls. She also discusses the power of community and the impact of local advocacies.

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  • Why is ending world poverty personal for Heather?
  • Why are so many people may not be empowered?
  • How does virtual interaction affect community and empowerment?
  • Crossroads International – programs and advocacies
  • Issues on diversity, equality and age of marriage
  • Educating girls on their rights
  • Why should we care about what’s happening in Africa and the rest of the world?
  • The impact of local advocacies in far-flung areas
  • How to be open to diverse views in the personal and national level?
  • The power of community

About Heather Shapter:

Heather Shapter is the Executive Director of Crossroads International, which works with local partners in Sub-Saharan Africa to advance rights, reduce poverty and increase access to justice for one million women and girls. She has held leadership roles in some of the world’s most respected international non-governmental organizations, in the Caribbean, Africa, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Heather lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, Gerry and her two sons.

Connect with Heather Shapter and Crossroads International:

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“If you look in your own community, and look and see what matters to you—let’s say equality. Research has shown that advocacy locally can make a difference in far-flung lands. How could that be? Let’s say three communities in Canada start really caring about equality around ethnicity. That actually pressures our government to look at its laws around diversity, ethnicity and equality. And then when Canada sits at the global table with the other nations, it starts to put pressure on the other nations to have the same laws in place, or at least to be representing voices in the same kind of way. And then their laws are impacted for the better.” – Heather Shapter

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