Staying Positive in a Negative World with Therese Paul (Episode #32)

Therese PaulDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Therese Paul, a registered dietitian, professional speaker, certified professional coach, international bestselling author, and the owner of Define Health Wellness Coaching. She talks about staying positive in a negative world and discusses easy ways on how to retrain our brains to focus on the positive.

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  • How perception of negativity affects us in many ways (mentally and physically)
  • Different ways to retrain our brain to focus on the positive
  • How to initiate an action plan (with accountability) to create positive change
  • The quickest way to shift our mindset from negative to positive
  • The importance of having an accountability partner when creating positive behavior change

Therese Paul, MS, RD, CPC is a registered dietitian, professional speaker, and certified professional coach with 25 years experience helping thousands of clients create healthy and rewarding lifestyles. She is the owner of Define Health Wellness Coaching, LLC, where she coaches clients individually and conducts workshops and retreats that focus on nourishing the body, mind, and spirit.

Therese is also an international bestselling author whose career journey has taken her across the country and to international destinations exploring healthy cultures and compassionately empowering clients to achieve life-changing results.

Therese’s experiences with clients, family, and friends have led to her current passion of helping clients stay vibrant as they face the challenges of aging and caregiving. She is currently accepting new clients for the next series of her successful caregiver wellness programs.

Therese’s family is her lifeline and she enjoys spending time with her brilliant husband, two grown children, and extended family as well as her energetic dad who is 95 years young!

Connect with Therese Paul and Define Health Wellness Coaching:

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“One of my favorite quick ways to shift your mindset is gratitude journaling. If you can, grab your journal or just something to write with, go get in a comfy spot, and just fill a page with everything that you’re grateful for. It can be people in your life, opportunities, God-given skills that you have, just everything you can think of. Fill the page with everything that you can be grateful for in that moment. And by the time you get down to the bottom of that page that you filled, your attitude will be switched like that. It’s just amazing how that works.” – Therese Paul

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