Kids with traumatic brain injury-a great resource

Students who suffer from a traumatic brain injury need specific resources and strategies to succeed in school.  Many schools are not prepared to handle these kids who are returning to school after an injury.

The REAP Project is the culmination of a study funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from 2004 to 2007.  All of the lessons learned in their research was compiled into this manual to promote a Community-Based Approach to Concussion Management.  Education and Collaboration – essentially, good communication between a School Team, a Family Team and a Medical Team was found to be two of the essential factors.  Thanks to Dr. Karen Mcavoy for  developing the REAP manual on how every school, parent, and doctor can create a community based concussion (mTBI) management program.

 As an optometrist, I treat patients who have suffered from brain injuries. Very often, injuries to the head, such as concussions, can cause visual perception problems that can be successfully treated with lenses and/or vision therapy. Having this manual as a resource to help my patients is quite welcomed.

This well-organized, interdisciplinary manual would be useful for anyone working with students who have suffered a brain injury.

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