Bringing Brain and Neuroscience Research to Children’s Classroom Learning with Dr. Judy Willis (Episode #55)

Dr. Judy WillisDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Dr. Judy Willis, neurologist, educator, author, and a leading authority in the neuroscience of learning. She talks about brain and neuroscience research on learning, neuroplasticity, focused attention issues in children, and improving executive function and memory mental manipulation.

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  • Dr. Willis’ story as a neurologist to educator
  • How emotion, stress and boredom impact learning
  • Neuroplasticity and learning
  • Increase in focused attention issues like screen time
  • Executive function and strategies to improve it in students
  • The importance of inquiry
  • Strategies for improving memory mental manipulation
  • Cost of inattention in kids

About Dr. Judy Willis, MD, MEd:

Dr. Judy Willis, a board-certified neurologist, combined her 15 years as a practicing neurologist with ten subsequent years as a classroom teacher to become a leading authority in the neuroscience of learning. With her unique background as both in neuroscience and education, she has written nine books and more than 200 articles about applying neuroscience research to classroom teaching strategies.

After graduating Phi Beta Kappa as the first woman graduate from Williams College, Willis attended UCLA School of Medicine where she was awarded her medical degree. She remained at UCLA and completed a medical residency and neurology residency, including chief residency. She practiced neurology for 15 years before returning to university to obtain her teaching credential and Master’s of Education degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She then taught in elementary and middle school for 10 years.

Dr. Willis is on the adjunct faculty of Williams College and travels nationally and internationally giving presentations, workshops, and consulting about learning and the brain. She has been interviewed by USA Today, Euronews, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News Education Nation, ABC Australia Radio, Lateline Australia, Popular Mechanics, Neurology Today, USA Today, Education Week, Medscope Neurology, Parenting Magazine among others. She has been selected by Edutopia as one of their “Big Thinkers on Education” and featured on their website as well as being a staff expert blogger for NBC News Education Nation, Psychology Today, and The Guardian.

Connect with Dr. Judy Willis:

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“The primary research about neuroplasticity in recent years that I have evaluated supports that the more a circuit is activated, the more myelin it gets, the more dendrites are there, and correlated with that is increased skill development and durability of the memory—that type of neuroplastic response. And that’s now increasingly seen, not just in the local area, but also through longer pathways.” – Dr. Judy Willis

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