Visual Tracking & Academic Performance

“In my experience, “visual tracking” is a term that seems to be universally recognized by classroom teachers, yet frequently misunderstood for the relationship of this visual ability to reading and learning. In a general way, teachers have learned that visual tracking refers to an eye movement and.. ”

Click here to read entire blog, written beautifully by colleague, Dr. Dan Fortenbacher.  Information in this blog includes:

What does the term “tracking” mean, especially as it relates to academic performance

What are the signs and symptoms of tracking problems

There is video to demonstrate tracking skills before and after vision therapy, as well as other objective tests.  The power of vision therapy will be explored in future blogs.

Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center PC provides vision therapy for patients of all ages.  To find a developmental optometrist near you, click on the COVD website and go to “locate a doctor”.

This is a great resource to share with parents and educators!

Thanks to Dr. Dan!

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