Visual Processing Beyond 20/20 Improving your child’s academics, sports & confidence

Does your son or daughter struggle in school and have difficulty with homework?  Are they frustrated with reading, timed tests or their handwriting?  One in four students has a vision problem that can have an impact on learning, however, most of these children have 20/20 eyesight.  There are solutions to treating children with “hidden” vision problems.  Through video presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experiential activities, Dr. Lynn Hellerstein will show you:

 Vision is in the brain, not the eyes!  The visual process is complex, but, based on neuroplasticity research, vision can be improved.

 Visual processing problems – Learn how to detect the signs and symptoms through checklists and observations.

The solution: Brain-based visual strategies.

For more than 35 years, international speaker and author Dr. Hellerstein has treated children with learning and reading deficits, visual processing disorders, and brain injuries.  Parents, school administrators and community members are welcome and encouraged to attend PIN’s presentations.  No need to RSVP—just come!  Presentations are FREE and are held the first Tuesday of each month at:

Student Achievement Resource Center (SARC)

14188 E. Briarwood Avenue, Centennial

(South of Arapahoe Rd., between Potomac and Jordan Roads)

Visit for Podcasts and Meeting Highlights

April 4, 2017- (9:15am-11:15am)

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