Stand Out and Take Action Through Personal Development Mastery with Agi Keramidas

Agi KeramidasDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Agi Keramidas, podcaster, knowledge broker, and host of global top podcast Personal Development Mastery. He talks about personal development and his venture of helping coaches launch their own top-quality podcast. His mission is to influence and inspire people to stand out and take action towards the next level of their lives.

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  • Taking a leap of faith and trusting your intuition
  • From introvert and shy to public speaker and podcaster
  • The journey to personal development mastery
  • Benefits of having your own podcast show
  • Common setbacks when people try to launch their podcast

Agi Keramidas is a podcaster and knowledge broker. He grew up in Greece, and when he was 35 he moved to the UK, following a calling he felt since a teenager.

A dentist by profession, he is a critical thinker with a Masters degree, yet at the same time deeply spiritual.

After serving dentistry for 20+ years, the identity he embodies now is a podcaster and knowledge broker. He is passionate about personal development, and a lifelong student himself.

He is the host of “Personal Development Mastery” podcast, and his mission is to influence and inspire people to stand out and take action towards the next level of their lives.

His podcast ranks in the global top 2%, and he has interviewed almost 200 people, some of them being Brian Tracy, Dr John Demartini, and Mark Victor Hansen.

His latest business venture is helping coaches reach a global audience by launching and scaling their own top-quality podcast, even if they’re not tech-savvy and are limited on time.

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“That phrase that life speaks to us in whispers also applies to intuition. Many times, the whisper is not imperceptible and many of us choose to ignore it because the voice of the mind is loud. The more we ignore that whisper from life, it gets louder and louder. Eventually, if nothing else works to catch our attention, something major happens that it’s not a whisper anymore. It’s a scream. You cannot ignore it anymore.” – Agi Keramidas

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