Special Education Advocates and School Supports for Children’s Learning Differences and Vision Issues with Roxanne Bradley

Roxanne BradleyAugust is Children’s Vision and Learning Month! Its goal is to help educate parents and educators about the critical link between vision and learning. Tune in to our special guests this month!

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Roxanne Bradley, a special education advocate, and the president and founder of Learning Differences World. She talks about the role of special education advocates in ensuring schools provide supports for children’s learning differences and vision issues. She also provides insights on educational supports through an Individualized Education Program and 504 Plan.

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  • Special education advocates and what do they do
  • The basic difference between a 504 Plan and an IEP (Individualized Education Program)
  • The kind of supports the schools can provide for children who have vision processing issues
  • When parents should hire a special education advocate
  • What benefits children can gain from hiring an advocate

Roxanne Bradley is the president and founder of Learning Differences World. Her passion is supporting families as they work together to ensure that the school is meeting the needs of the child. As a former teacher, engineer, and corporate manager—and mother of two foster-adopted children—she advocates to help the families she serves.

As a Special Education Advocate, Roxanne brings her unique background to bear on every situation. As a parent of two children with learning differences, Roxanne has been advocating for children since 1999: first with her own children, then for friends. Since 2014, Roxanne has been consistently helping parents get the supports their child needs.

Connect with Roxanne Bradley and Learning Differences World:

Roxanne is happy to provide an online giveaway of an article entitled “Hiring an Advocate.” Download it here.

She also offers a meetup on the 1st Thursday of the month from September through May called the Denver Metro Specialized Education Support for Parents. You can join by going to this link.

If you would like a 1-hour free consultation, you can schedule it through her website here.

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“Child with behavior issues. Parents invited me in to help with them because I wanted to make sure he got the right support. So I looked at his evaluation and the kid is gifted… So they reached out to the school and the school had him reevaluated. So this year, he’s now in the gifted program. He’s going to gifted classes. His behavior is improving because we’re putting the right supports in place because we know he’s gifted. Because he has ADHD, he has slow processing speed so his writing is an issue, so we put in the supports for that and he’s starting to blossom.” – Roxanne Bradley

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