Visual Processing & Academics CD Seminar

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Visual Processing & Academics CD Seminar:
New Strategies for Improving Reading, Spelling & Creative Writing Skills

Can you identify the signs and symptoms of vision problems in children? Do you want effective strategies for the child/adolescent who

  • Loses his place when he reads?
  • Has difficulty remembering what she just read?
  • Has sloppy handwriting with poor spacing?
  • Struggles in sports; can’t catch a ball, or is clumsy?
  • Has poor eye-hand coordination?

This 5.5 hour seminar (6 CDs or 4 DVDs) presents the newest vision-based solutions to help children succeed academically.

  • Recording of Dr. Hellerstein’s live seminar – experiential and hands-on!
  • Downloadable manual
  • Bonus certificate for free consultation with Dr. Hellerstein

Take this seminar in the convenience of your home or office, on your computer or digital player.

Seminar objectives

  • Describe the critical link between vision and learning
  • Spot the signs and symptoms of learning-related vision problems by using checklists and observations
  • Use specific techniques to improve visual processing skills in your students
  • Experience & implement the SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!® process (visualize, declare, take action) for improving academics, sports, and self-confidence
  • Describe various vision solutions including vision therapy


The critical link between vision and learning

  • Vision is more than 20/20
  • The 15 visual skills necessary for learning
  • The vision model – how visual processing skills develop

Signs and symptoms of visual problems, outside and within

  • How to identify visual problems
  1. Checklists
  2. Video observations
  3. Hands-on activities
  • What is visualization and why is it important in the learning process?
  • Research on neuro-plasticity – vision is in the BRAIN

Experience the SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!® process

  • What, how, and why
  • Results you can expect

Vision solutions

  • Optometric lenses and prisms
  1. Impact on seeing
  2. Impact on focusing
  3. Impact on eye teaming skills
  • Developing visual processing skills
  1. Experience through hands-on activities how to improve your student’s visual processing skills in the classroom
  • Vision therapy
  1. What vision therapy is
  2. Who should be referred for in-office vision therapy

Implement the SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!® process to enhance student performance and success at school, work, or play

  • Use the process in specific academic tasks
  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Spelling
  3. Math fact retention
  4. Creative writing
  • Use the process to reduce test anxiety and stress
  • Use the process to prepare for sports & artistic performance
  • Use the process to build confidence

3 reviews for Visual Processing & Academics CD Seminar

  1. Dr. Dorothy A. Snozek

    Lynn, what a pleasure and professionally great experience to hear from you about visualization! We have heard nothing but fantastic comments from all attendees-those very experienced to those new in the field! I am running out of exclamation points!

    —Dr. Dorothy A. Snozek
    Professor, Metropolitan State College of Denver

  2. Deborah

    I loved how you integrated humor, the comics, personal experience and professional experiences. You were extremely helpful in visualizing what you were saying.

    —Deborah, Elementary School Teacher

  3. Phyllis

    The results of your program will benefit Lenski students for years to come.

    Phyllis, Lenski Special Services

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