Sensory Processing Disorder Conference – Dr. Lucy Miller

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation Presents

11th International Symposium and Pre-Conference Institute

NOV 12-14 in Seattle, Washington

Coming Together:

New Conversations on Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Latest Sensory Processing Disorder research
  • Innovative treatment strategies
  • Parenting solutions
  • Evolution in education
  • Network with colleagues from around the world

Leaders in Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) discussing research, intervention, education and parent issues


  • Kathy Corbett, CEO
  • Brock Eide, MD and Fernette Eide, MD
  • Stephen Glass, MD
  • Ira Glovinsky, PhD
  • Diana A. Henry, MS, OTR/L
  • Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR
  • Sarah A. Schoen, PhD, OTR
  • Barry E. Stein, PhD
  • Yvonne Swinth, PhD, OTR
  • Rosemary White, OTR/L
  • Lynn F. Hellerstein, OD
  • And other experts

Dr. Lucy Jane Miller,  Executive Director & Founder of the SPD Foundation, focuses on treatment effectiveness studies for the remediation of SPD. She obtained a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to plan a multi-site treatment study and has engaged a team of leading occupational therapists to collaborate. In addition, she started the SPD Scientific Work Group in 2000 and is active in recruiting new members.  Dr. Miller compiled and submitted a summary of SPD research to the DSM-V committee for SPD to be considered for inclusion in the upcoming 2013 edition. The application is under active consideration by the committee.

Dr. Lucy Miller has just been interviewed by Cat Lichtenbelt author of Sensory-Flow On-line magazine.  Cat also has posted an interview with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein on the website, as well as other experts on Sensory Processing including Dr. Temple Grandin.

Click here to hear Dr. Miller’s podcast.

Hope to see you in Seattle!

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