DizzyDX – Diagnosing The Cause of Your Dizziness with Dr. Heather Campbell (Episode #82)

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Dr. Heather Campbell, physical therapist, vestibular specialist, Regis University affiliate faculty, and co-creator of DizzyDX, to talk about dizziness, its effects and connection with mental health, driving, visual motion sensitivity and viruses, how it affects children and adults, and how the app DizzyDX helps healthcare providers more efficiently and accurately diagnose the cause of dizziness in their patients.

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  • Dr. Campbell’s personal story of how she started focusing on the connection of vision, balance and movement by collaborating with Dr. Lynn
  • Dizziness – causes and effects
  • Dizziness vs. mental health problems
  • Dizziness in driving
  • Visual motion sensitivity
  • Dizziness in children
  • Viral impact on dizziness
  • DizzyDX app for practitioners – uses in diagnosis and therapies
  • How to find a physical therapist for dizziness

About Dr. Heather Campbell:

Dr. Heather Campbell graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has over 4 decades’ experience integrating musculoskeletal and neurologic recovery in the field of physical therapy and in community health. She also earned a masters in exercise sciences from the University of Denver, and a post professional clinical doctorate from the University of Montana. She is a certified orthopedic clinical specialist through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. In addition to serving on faculties of programs in physical therapy, medicine, and dentistry, Dr. Campbell has facilitated local, national and international professional continuing education seminars, and contributed to the Vestibular Rehabilitation competency program at South Valley Physical Therapy in Denver. She currently serves as affiliate faculty in the Regis University School of Physical Therapy. Her career emphasis in cervical spine care has focused on all movement systems and the influence of central sensorimotor processing for recovery after injury or neurologic disease. Her mission is to promote critical thinking for healthcare providers and health literacy for the public.

In addition to clinical care, Dr. Campbell raised two sons in the Vail Valley and served on Eagle County’s Gifted Education Team, the Samaritan Counseling Center board of directors, and the Vail Cancer Coalition, the group that preceded the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

With her colleague, Dr. Nicole Miranda, Dr. Campbell co-authored textbook chapters on concussion and headache, developed the specialized physical therapy department in the Marcus Institute for Brain Health, and the two were recognized as physical therapists of the year for their education in, and legislative action on promoting physical therapists’ role in post-concussion management.

Dr. Campbell and Dr. Miranda’s exciting new project is DizzyDx™, a web-based interactive clinical decision support tool for evaluating the origins of dizziness.

Connect with Dr. Heather Campbell and DizzyDX, a product of Enhanced Clinical Insight, LLC:

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

Find a healthcare provider for dizziness: APTA – American Physical Therapy Association | VEDA

“Symptoms of dizziness might include lightheadedness, brain fog, spinning or rocking, imbalance is often under the category of dizziness and that could come from a lot of different reasons. Some types of headaches can be associated with dizziness, especially certain types of migraines, ear fullness can create a sensation of some sort of disequilibrium. If a client comes and reports dizziness to a healthcare provider, the very first thing that needs to happen is to help the client describe what they’re feeling in different terms because dizziness itself is not going to help a healthcare professional choose a useful way to help a person.” – Dr. Heather Campbell

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