Succeed In School – Visual Brain Training

Yes, your child can “learn to learn” better!

Welcome to a world where children of all ages and abilities “learn to learn” better, achieve more, and build confidence for a lifetime.

Children are naturally curious — think of all the things that a toddler and preschooler get into. What happens when the formal school years hit? Why do so many struggle in school, a place where their curiosity and abilities should take flight? For too many, the basic academic subjects — reading, writing, spelling and math — become frustrating. Your child may become a “behavioral” problem, stressed and anxious, and a master of avoiding tasks. Or in sports, your child’s coordination may fall short, yet another blow to self-esteem.

No more.

Step one is addressing vision and vision perception issues, so often at the root of learning or performance problems. Dr. Hellerstein’s full-scope optometric practice offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment, while her books also uncover the hidden issues that many kids with 20/20 eyesight have.

But it’s with Dr. Hellerstein’s pioneering process, SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!®, that children and athletes of all ages can learn to activate their visual brain and create a world where they become truly effective. Hundreds of parents, teachers, and therapists report that Dr. Hellerstein’s methods produce:

School Kids at Chalkboard with arms raised

  • Success in school
  • Better sports performance
  • Joy for learning
  • Strategies to overcome barriers and meet goals
  • Confident, happier kids

For a sample of the results, see Case Studies

For every age and ability, the SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT! process can improve skills and performance — transform kids and adults for a lifetime.

What do you want to improve?

  • Reading, handwriting, spelling, math, creative writing
  • Homework strategies
  • Motivation and attitude
  • Organization and goal achievement
  • Instructional methods

Who can benefit?

  • Children who struggle in school
  • Children with low confidence
  • Children with vision perception problems
  • Children with developmental challenges / special needs
  • Adults who want to improve a task they can visualize

Who can apply these solutions?

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Vision and other healthcare professionals
  • Individuals and groups
  • Everybody who wants fun, effective tools for boosting motivation and performance