Embrace the Moment: Time is On Your Side with Melissa Toole (Episode #86)

Melissa TooleDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Melissa Toole, preschool teacher and children’s book author, to talk about Time is On Your Side, her first children’s book that inspires everyone to embrace the moment, live in the present and be surrounded by creativity, kindness, honesty and enthusiasm, like happy, imaginative kids we all used to be.

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  • Melissa’s background in showbiz and as a preschool teacher shaped her
  • Working with creative and imaginative kids
  • When kids lose their carefree imagination
  • Melissa’s inspiration for her book, Time is On Your Side, for kids 4-9 years old
  • The importance of embracing the moment
  • How to find and purchase the book online
  • Being surrounded by creativity, kindness, honesty and enthusiasm as exhibited by kids

About Melissa Toole:

Melissa Toole was born in New York City, to soap opera stars John and Sandy Gabriel. He was Dr. Seneca Beaulac on Ryan’s Hope, she was Edna Thorton on All My Children. Her childhood home was constantly hosting directors, actors, dancers, and writers. Melissa went to Tulane University, then went on to co-host a tv show called Oddville, MTV. Her sister Andrea Gabriel is an actress best known for playing Nadia on the popular series Lost.

Currently, she is a preschool teacher in Bedford, New York. This is her first book, carrying a message she holds dear – to embrace the moment.

Connect with Melissa Toole and Time is On Your Side:

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“When [the character] meets Time, he says to her, ‘You know I get a bad rep. People are always blaming me for their lives moving too quickly. I think it’s the humans that are at fault. They are the ones that move too quickly. They are the ones that are always thinking about yesterday. They’re always thinking about tomorrow. How about the beautiful todays that I give you? Why don’t you appreciate those?’” – Melissa Toole

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