COVD Annual Meeting Pictures

College of Optometrists in Vision Therapy held their Annual Meeting Oct. 2011 in Las Vegas.  As Past-President of COVD, it was an honor to have been chosen to be the Master (Mastress – feminine) of Ceremonies for the final banquet.

Thanks to Dr. Kristi Jensen and Dr. Dom Maino for their pix!  As you can see from the first picture, I could hardly see over the tall podium.  No worries.  The hotel staff came to my rescue and wrapped up a bucket for me to stand on.  Ok, no bucket jokes…I didn’t kick the bucket, but almost fell off!

Thanks to Dr. Dave Damari, new COVD President, for the opportunity to have a fun time!

Master of Ceremonies- COVD- no bucket- Where is she?

Master of Ceremonies COVD 10-11 with bucket

Drs Grant, Hinrich, Hellerstein, Torgerson


By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, a Denver Optometrist in Vision Therapy & Visual Processing

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