Live a More Meaningful Life By Embracing Death and Ritual with Jamie Sarche

Jamie SarcheDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Jamie Sarche, seasoned speaker, active advocate and officer for several causes and community services in Denver, and director of Feldman Mortuary. She talks about embracing death and the rituals that go with preparing for it. Her calling is helping people be less afraid of death, and by facing mortality, one can live a better, more meaningful life. 

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  • Why talk about death?
  • The basics of a funeral plan
  • The importance of ritual
  • Green burial options

Jamie Sarche’s calling is helping people be less afraid of death. By arranging for them to provide their loved ones with a planned and funded funeral or memorial service, together they create a path for bereavement, long before it’s needed. By facing their mortality, her clients can live better, more meaningful lives.

A seasoned speaker, Jamie brings deep experience in death care to a broad range of audiences around the country, sharing insights and approaches on how to have those difficult conversations and how to address sensitive issues. Extending well beyond death and dying, her message resonates across industries and individuals, bridging her passion to demystify death while enlightening communicators on overcoming challenging conversations.

Jamie grew up in Denver and went to DePauw University in Indiana. She is on the board of Jewish Family Service, Kavod Senior Living, and the Jewish Community Relations Council. Her husband is Jon, and they have two amazing sons, Alec and Danny. They love to hike, see movies, and play games.

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“Having a plan, your estate in order, powers of attorney, a will, a funeral plan, having all these things, they don’t make things happen. The question just becomes: Do you die with a plan or do you die without a plan? And as grownups, we should be taking care of our own mess. We shouldn’t be dumping that on other people… Quite honestly, death is the only thing that we know is gonna happen, so let’s just get it taken care of.” – Jamie Sarche

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