Kabbalah: The Study of Parallels and Holding Opposites, Seen and Unseen, Light in Darkness, Masks and Humanity with Melanie Gruenwald (Episode #90)

Melanie GruenwaldDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Melanie Gruenwald, Executive Director of Kabbalah Experience, to talk about Kabbalah and its mystical and philosophical study of parallels and holding opposites: the seen and unseen, finding light in darkness and finite within the infinite, the different masks of our identities, and crossing the borders of humanity. Melanie teaches how Kabbalah is not about religion, but the spiritual pursuit of living with greater awareness and connection to the people and world around us.

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  • Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism
  • The seen and unseen reality
  • Finding light in darkness
  • Holding opposites
  • Manifesting what we create
  • The masks of our identities
  • Crossing the borders of humanity
  • Kabbalah Experience and its courses

About Melanie Gruenwald:

Melanie Gruenwald, Executive Director of Kabbalah Experience, brings over 25 years of non-profit leadership and community-organizing to her position. Engaged with senior citizens, families, college students, and teens, Melanie has extensive professional experience with communal leadership and in-formal Jewish education.

Melanie is energized by building relationships, understanding people’s needs and finding ways to con-nect them to one another. She loves the balance of organizational leadership and teaching which she engages on a daily basis at Kabbalah Experience.

She earned her B.S. in Psychology from Binghamton University (S.U.N.Y), and Masters in Social Work and Certificate in Jewish Communal Service from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Ye-shiva University. Melanie has pursued additional Judaic and spiritual studies at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, the Conservative Yeshiva, and most recently, Kabbalah Experience.

Melanie is married to Rabbi Salomon Gruenwald, Senior Rabbi at the Hebrew Educational Alliance in Denver, and is mom to three children, Koby (z”l), Hannah, and Micah.

Connect with Melanie Gruenwald and Kabbalah Experience:

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Check out live and self-study courses at Kabbalah Experience!

“Whatever our narrative is, there’s that one light energy that connects us all. Borders are man-made. Birds fly over borders. They don’t know that they’re crossing from one city or state or country to another. It just is. So how do we look beyond the borders and boundaries that separate us? Whether it’s race, class, gender, geography, religion. And I started a new class on A New Human Narrative and we started with Inuit Myths and looking at them compared to the mythology of the Bible. We have similarities and differences in all our stories but we’re all just trying to answer the same essential question of ‘Where did we come from and how did this all began?’” – Melanie Gruenwald

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