Excel in Sports – Visual Brain Training

Bring your vision and visual brain into full play…visual brain training

Imagine… a baseball flying at you at 100 mph, a half-dozen players hot on your heels, the perfect landing spot on the fairway 100 yards out… Exceptional visual skills are a hallmark of great athletes, and sports vision training (sometimes called sports vision therapy, visual training or eye exercises for sports) is now routine at the pro and collegiate levels. Whatever your ability, you too, can train your vision and visual brain to improve your sports performance.

Dr. Hellerstein’s newest book, 50 Tips to Improve Sports Performance, gives you simple, effective tips and eye/brain exercises for use at home, in the gym, or on the playing field to bring your sports potential into full play.

Refine the 15 essential visual skills for sports

  • Eye coordination
  • Depth perception
  • Eye tracking
  • Fixation
  • Focusing
  • Peripheral vision
  • … these are just a few of the critical skills you can improve using the exercises in 50 Tips.

Visual brain training for coordination and confidence

ArrowsEye-hand-body coordination is key to sports performance, and Dr. Hellerstein’s tips help condition your visual brain to “tighten” responses, even when you lack access to teammates or facilities. For example, do her Arrow Jump exercise almost anywhere, to speed hand and body responses to visual cues.

You’ll also learn to use Dr. Hellerstein’s pioneering visualization process, SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!, to refine coordination and break through mental blocks such as performance anxiety and loss of focus.

The results? Better performance, greater confidence, and more fun!

What do you want to improve?

  • The 15 essential visual skills key to great sports performance
  • Eye-mind-body coordination
  • Mental edge, focus, and confidence
  • Sports vision safety

Who can benefit?

  • Children of all ages and abilities
  • Kids with coordination issues
  • Weekend warriors
  • Serious athletes / professionals
  • Coaches

Who can apply these solutions?

  • Parents, coaches, educators
  • Sports / physical therapists
  • Athletes of all ages and abilities
  • Groups or individuals

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