Advocate for All Kids In Choosing Your School Board Members with Neil Fishman (Episode #72)

Neil FishmanDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Neil Fishman, candidate for Boulder Valley School District Board of Education, award-winning geologist, member and leader in various organizations promoting social justice, product of public school education, and parent. Neil talks about the importance of choosing our public school board members, the current climate and environment in schools and the country, issues of bullying and book banning, and why he is running for school board with a platform of equity and inclusion for all kids, protecting student mental well-being, and a strong curriculum, among others.

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  • The role of a school board in the public school district
  • Climate of equity and inclusion in schools
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • How national and state climates and laws affect safe schools for students and even teachers
  • The threat of book banning
  • Why is Neil running for the school board?
  • Declining enrollment in public schools that could cause reduced budget
  • A platform of improved climate, equity and inclusion, mental well-being, strong curriculum
  • Post-pandemic increase in problems in discipline
  • Critical issue of mental well-being of kids
  • A world of equal footing
  • How to reach Neil Fishman

About Neil Fishman: 

Neil Fishman is a native Coloradan, having grown up in Denver and is the middle kid of 5 in his family. He earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from CU Boulder in Geology, and since he has been an award-winning research geologist who remains actively working in geology although now he is technically retired.

Neil owes his many professional successes to his public-school education, which includes K-12 as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees. When not working on geological projects, he has spent much of his adult life working locally or regionally on social justice issues, ranging from HIV prevention and education to diversity to environmental causes. He has also served in leadership positions, including as both Treasurer and President of the Board of the Boulder County AIDS Project, where he helped to expand HIV services in the local community. Neil also worked collaboratively to develop and implement the City of Boulder’s ‘Valuing Diversity Program—Education on Homophobia and Heterosexism” as well as the Boulder County Health Department’s ‘Only One’ project, which raised awareness for HIV transmission.

Neil is currently the Chair of the Out Boulder County Advocacy and Public Policy Committee.  He also served the University of Colorado as a member of the CU President’s Blue-Ribbon Commission on Diversity, as well as being a member and Chair of the CU Geology Department’s Advisory Board.  He also served in leadership positions in international geoscientific professional organizations during his professional career, including as a member of the board of the Geological Society of America.  In 2022, I helped to successfully guide the Colorado State Board of Education to adopt equitable and inclusive social studies standards for all public schools in Colorado (K-12).

Connect with Neil Fishman and his candidacy for Boulder Valley School District Board of Education:

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“As we speak, legislation including anti-transgender laws, book banning, eradicating progressive programs such as diversity and inclusion efforts are surfacing all around us in the US. And these are dangerous actions I feel happening in our country that directly affect many of the kids. And again, we’re getting back to the kids. We have, in our schools, who identify as a member of these targeted groups, and that is creating intense trauma and fear for these kids. That of course is a huge problem for them and the people who serve in the school boards who are charged with the well-being of students. In addition, types of regressive actions also have had a direct effect on the teachers in so far as they are caught between these regressive actions and teaching the curriculum outlined by the district.” – Neil Fishman

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