100 and Beyond: A Message of Celebration, Reflection and Gratitude with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein (Episode #100)

Dr. Lynn HellersteinIt’s Vision Beyond Sight’s 100th episode, and it also coincided with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein’s birthday last week (of seven decades plus a few years)! Our beloved host celebrates this double milestone with a special message of reflection and immense gratitude. In this show, she fondly recalls her professional journey and how it elevated through the power of community and showing up for each other, and as such she gives thanks to all the people in her life including her family, partners, staff, mentors, coaches, and of course to all you listeners. What’s next for Dr. Lynn? Rewirement, not retirement! Her ultimate message: create your vision, create your world.

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  • Celebrating Vision Beyond Sight’s 100th episode and her birthday (of seven decades plus a few years!)
  • Earning the GN Getman Award from OVDRA
  • The power of community and showing up for each other
  • Dr. Lynn’s professional journey as a third-generation optometrist (lucky number 3!)
  • Speaking internationally about developmental vision and vision therapy
  • Her professional mentors
  • Her writing and publishing career that led to 4 award-winning books
  • Her women’s study group of 30+ years
  • The OVDRA and Hellerstein & Brenner
  • Her personal mentors and coaches
  • Her patients and healthcare providers
  • Her wonderful family
  • Rewirement, not retirement
  • Create your vision, create your world

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50 Tips to Improve Your Sports Performance

Expand Your Vision

“This past week was my birthday. I’m celebrating my seventh decade plus a few years. I’m taking this podcast opportunity today for a little celebration, reflection and gratitude. Many people especially my age hate to celebrate their birthdays. They don’t want to be reminded of how old they are, or they’re embarrassed or whatever. We know what the alternative is and I’m not looking forward to that, and so I might as well develop a whole different attitude regarding my birthday. I am truly grateful to be here, to be alive, to be healthy and to celebrate every miracle, every success and every possibility. – Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

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Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Developmental Optometrist, co-owner of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C., award-winning author and international speaker, holds powerful and inspiring conversations with her guests in the areas of health, wellness, education, sports and psychology. They share their inspirational stories of healing and transformation through their vision expansion. Vision Beyond Sight Podcast will help you see with clarity, gain courage and confidence. Welcome to Vision Beyond Sight!

Dr. Lynn’s books are available at Amazon.com and www.lynnhellerstein.com/shop.

Dr. Lynn is available for speaking engagements and consulting. For more information, visit www.lynnhellerstein.com.

To learn more about vision therapy or to find a doctor providing vision therapy in your area, visit: COVD.org.

To learn more about vision and the impact in concussion/brain injury, visit: Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association.

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